We provide a scalable employee communication solution designed to enhance your success in Operational and Process Excellence. The ©21 Initiatives are available in a singular focus, yet when combined delivers a correlational result. We make the process of measuring and improving your organization easy and cost effective. We will help you empower your employees to identify opportunities to take action on, saving your company significant outside consulting costs and time.

What we provide your company is a communication engine that uses a structured and proactive approach in measuring efficiency by gathering anonymous insight and great ideas from built-in questions and initiatives. The results establish a baseline to act upon, by tasking out opportunity from our reports of identified challenges.

What we provide your employees is an anonymous voice directly to the decision makers of your organization. Employees recognize performance and share what they consider or personally perceive in the work environment as negatively affecting success. Void of politics or persecution from their response, your employees will offer honest and accurate feedback.